Q. What cleaning products do Oven Angels® use?
A. We use a special, eco friendly, biodegradable, odourless liquid which removes all major bugs and is specifically made for food processing. It produces near showroom cleaning results.

Q. How long does it take to clean an oven?
A. Cleaning time required is highly dependent on the condition of the oven. For a single oven the clean can take from one to two hours whilst for a range it takes an average of two to three hours. We aim to clean your oven to near showroom condition results as soon as is possible.

Q. Can you clean self-clean ovens?
A. Oven Angels are able to clean self-cleaning ovens.

Q. Are Oven Angels® insured?
A. Yes.

Q. Does it smell and will it affect my asthma?
A. No. The products we use are odourless and do not affect asthma. Fiona is an ex-nurse and has asthma herself so has carefully investigated the products.

Q. Will it affect my sewage?
A. Our products are eco friendly and biodegradable and will not cause problems for a soak away or cess pit.

Q. Can you come to a house where there are animals and/or children?
A. We are child and animal friendly.

Q. Can you clean commercial as well as domestic ovens?
A. Yes we have experience cleaning ovens for pubs, restaurants and commercial businesses.

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